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Exterior Pressure Washing: Driveways, Paving, & More

Cleaning our driveways or paving is something that might not even occur to us for years. But doing so has more than just aesthetic benefits. Whether it’s your paving, your driveway, or even decking, accumulated moisture and dirt over time can cause all sorts of problems and that’s where our pressure washing service comes in. Among cleaning companies in Liverpool, we offer the most comprehensive and thorough clean available for a spotless exterior space. As Pureseal-approved contractors, we use the best chemicals on the market which are HSE approved. For both domestic and commercial jet washing services, we offer a complete service.

Jetwashing: What It Involves

Jet washing is a simple concept in principle–though it takes a professional hand to get the job done right. For exterior spaces, particularly driveways and paving but also decking, pressure washing is extremely effective and simple as a solution to accumulated dirt and grime. Pressure washing applies a high-pressure stream of unheated water which can cut right through years’ worth of dirt. We use industrial machines at 4000psi for the best results. In some cases, jet washing may not be the right choice for you–in these circumstances, we can advise you on the best way forward. 

Driveway Cleaning in Liverpool

One of the most common reasons to employ pressure washing is for driveway cleaning. Especially for paved driveways, dirt and moisture can cause growths of all sorts to sprout all over. The process will be gradual so that, after many years, you may not even remember what your driveway looked like clean. With our pressure washing service, we can remind you, stripping away years of growth in short order and having your driveway looking its best and at its safest again. We can also seal any job we do which prevents moss growth in the future prolonging the length of the clean.

Patios & Paving: Your Garden Haven

There’s no reason you should grow accustomed to your paving or patio looking anything less than its best. We offer an efficient jet wash service in Liverpool so that you can have your garden back the way it ought to look, and your outdoor haven being as relaxing as when it was brand new. We guarantee you will be amazed by the results and by the swiftness of our service–it’s easy to forget what our patios once looked like after years without proper cleaning.

Commercial Jet Washing

Decking & Beyond

Pressure washing can also be effective in a variety of other outdoor building work, such as decking. It can also be used for building exteriors and brickwork. Essentially any surface that has accumulated dirt, grime or even paint over the years can be effectively cleaned with pressure washing. With years of experience and accredited cleaners, TVW can offer a complete and effective pressure cleaning service for many different outdoor surfaces.

Why Choose TVW Cleaning Group for Your Paving?

Because we are professional cleaners, our kit is leagues beyond the usual suspects for residential pressure washers.

At TVW Cleaning Group, we use the SlipStream Pro20x pressure washer for our driveway and paving cleaning jobs.

Powered by a Honda petrol engine, the Pro20x is more than capable of restoring any hard surface to its former glory quickly and easily.

By using our 20” circular surface cleaner, we can cover large areas and blast 15 litres of water per minute at your surface.

This water comes from a rotary arm that spins 2000 times a minute that is capable of slicing through all types of dirt, moss, and grime with ease, all while keeping nearby surfaces clear of waste matter or dirt sprays.

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