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Do I need my roof cleaned?

Roof and gutter cleaning not only improves the look of your property from the street, it also extends the lifespan of your gutters and can prevent damages like cracks and leaks from occurring due to build ups of debris.

Capable of Cleaning All Types of Roofing

It doesn’t matter whether your roof is flat or pitched, or consists of slate or concrete tiles, or has solar panels fitted – roofs of all shapes, sizes, and materials can and should be cleaned.

Cleaning methods can vary from project to project and depending on your needs. For example, residential roofing tiles often won’t take kindly to pressure washing and will instead require a soft wash service.

And if you find that your roof persistently harbours moss, then it may be time to use organic biocides to fully remove moss and algae spores from your roof tiles and gutters.

Why Choose TVW Cleaning Group for Your Roof?

Cleaning your roof isn’t a DIY job that you should add to your Sunday morning checklist. It’s a hard, tricky job and requires a professional touch to get done safely and effectively.

Our experts at TVW Cleaning Group can take a look at your property and determine exactly what service you will need to restore your roof.

If you know what material your roof is made of and what state it is currently in when you get in touch, then we can even let you know from our free quote.

For roofs and gutters, our SkyVac camera allows us to carry out accurate and precise inspections and clean from the safety of ground level.

If your property needs it, then we can access your roof safely with our own scaffold and high-level cleaning equipment, for which we are IPAF trained.

When doing this we can perform soft washing chemical treatments to perform deeper cleans, preventing moss and algae from coming back in the near future.

So get in touch with us today for a free quote, and our team at TVW Cleaning Group will let you know exactly how we can help restore your roof and get it back its natural colour, while removing any moss or other debris. 

Commercial Cleaning

From small meeting rooms to large serviced office buildings and educational campuses, our team will work around your schedule to ensure a clean, healthy workspace that doesn’t interfere with the day to day running of your business.

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